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Money Savvy is undergoing a facelift! Our shiny new website will be live on Monday 26 July 2021

Live the life of your dreams, not the life of your means!

Financial freedom starts with financial education!

Navigating the financial waters has left many either washed up on the shore or at the bottom of the ocean. With so many misconceptions, misunderstandings and misleading information, it’s no wonder that 70% of income earning adults in South Africa are over indebted

We are more than a product, and more than a training platform. We’re a catalyst and driver to shift mindsets to ensure Africans not only work their way out of poverty, but that they have the tools to stay out.

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey to financial freedom, on your way and have lost your way, or are just looking to improve on where you’re at right now, Money Savvy has the tools to help you not only build your wealth, but to keep it too. We don’t promise to make you rich, but we do promise to keep you rich.

Welcome to the Money Savvy revolution!


Head office:
Kathryn Main
Big Boss Lady

Zandile Mtetwa
West Rand Licensee Johannesburg

Candice Preston
East Rand Licensee Johannesburg

Jaen Milton
South Rand Licensee Johannesburg

Cindy Amallos
North Rand Licensee Johannesburg

Lamees Scholtz
Central Licensee Johannesburg

KwaZulu Natal:
Sarah Brand
KwaZulu Natal Master Licensee