Jaen Milton


“YOU are the most valuable investment you will ever make!”


Jaen Milton
South Rand Licensee

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071 896 6840
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Jaen Milton is passionate about empowering and transforming the lives of others to help them achieve their fullest potential.

She believes that financial wellness, mental healthcare, and community development are integral parts of building a better future for South Africa.

She is an amazing wife and mum of two with over 12 years’ experience in the financial services industry. As a lifelong learner and counsellor, she is always striving to reach new limits and shatter glass ceilings. She has successfully obtained her BA degree in Psychology UNISA and completing her Honours in Psychological counselling.

Growing up, like many other South Africans out there, she did not receive financial literacy education in her early years. The fundamentals of money were never imparted to her and were therefore not considered a priority. Due to her ignorance, she made numerous poor decisions and several more financial mistakes which spilt over into adulthood.  However, a day came where she decided to put an end to the cycle and began financially educating herself. Eventually, her financial life started shifting which changed her trajectory.

It is because of this experience that fuels her desire to empower and help others not to make the same mistakes she did. Her sheer determination to build a bridge between outdated mindsets and the next generation has gracefully catapulted her to becoming the Money Savvy Licensee in Johannesburg South.

Providing financial literacy education to kids, teens and adults and equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to build a successful life of financial wealth and freedom!