How would you define your money mindset? How do you feel when you look at your finances, earn money, pay bills and talk about money? For many of us money brings up a lot of emotion. For some it can be positive, but for many it is negative. We feel dread when we see bills and guilt when we look at our current bank statement. It is important to become aware of these emotions so that you can process them and work on creating a money mindset that makes you feel good and helps you work better with your money.


Emotions drive a lot of our behaviour and for many of us we don’t always understand our emotions or where they came from. Think about how you deal with money when you are feeling certain emotions. For example, maybe when you feel sad you head to the shops for some retail therapy? Why do you do this? Is it perhaps something you did when you were a child? Did your parents do this? What do you believe about money in this instance? Money is meant to be spent? Money buys happiness?


Oftentimes, our beliefs and behaviours around money were formed when we were young and unable to choose what we wanted to believe or do. As we grow up, we continue with these behaviours and beliefs because we don’t know better. These can be destructive to our financial life and prevent us from creating the finances we desire.


Beliefs are the things we are certain about. What about your beliefs about money? What are you certain about when you think about money?

  • Money runs out
  • You have to work hard to make money
  • Money is easy to come by
  • It takes money to make money
  • Rich people live on debt
  • I deserve money

Think about the things you believe about money and ask yourself where these came from. Once you uncover the beliefs you currently hold then you need to decide which beliefs are helping you to reach the financial goals you desire and which beliefs are holding you back.


The power to create your financial future is in your hands. If you are ready to explore your money mindset and create a mindset that empowers you then check out money mindset workshop.