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It’s never too late to make a change

Your dream life is waiting for you. All it takes is a little education and action.

Whether you’re in financial difficulty or feeling good about your financial situation, there’s always more to learn to achieve true financial freedom. The thing is, looking at the financial mountain that many of us need to summit, things seem daunting and almost impossible to overcome. Thankfully, with our step-by-step programmes, all you need to do is take the first step and we’ll help you along with the rest of your journey.

Through interactive, real-world, and relevant activities, we teach adults how to manage their money better today, plan more effectively for the future, as well as all the fundamentals of finances that you need to know about before it was too late.

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all, so we’ve also got a range of customized programs for you to choose from

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Get Money Savvy

Get Money Savvy is a 6-week programme aimed at kids, teens, or adults. This high impact 6-week product will teach you how to make and manage money while managing your money mindset.

Setting up for success

Setting up for success is a follow-on programme from “Get Money Savvy”. In this follow up programme we teach you how to take your business idea and make it profitable and set you up for success.

My money mindset

We all have different thoughts and feelings towards money. When we understand our money mindset it makes it easier for us to understand why we spend money the way we do. Let us help you cultivate a positive money mindset

High Five programme

This is a 5-step process to teach you how to budget more smartly and help you save money monthly.

Make your money work for you

How do we make money work for us? We show you how in this saving and investment series. Let us show you how to make your money work for you.

10 Steps to get Money Savvy

This is a free programme. What are the 10 things you can do today to start to become more Money Savvy? These 10 steps will get you there.

Financial Accountability

This personal financial literacy workshop is amied and kids, teens and adults. We cover all the concept you need to know to make and manage your money like a boss

Moms with money & dads with dough

Parent and child workshops. These are aimed at parents with kids or teens. What money message are you sending you kids? Lets talk about money!

Couples & currency

Couples and currency workshops are aimed at couples who are either co habituating or married.
The aim of the workshop is to educate the couples on key life decisions based on the life stage they are at. We use our Couples and currency game to show real life scenarios and how they can manage their relationship and money better.

Our approach to financial literacy is unique in the way we use relevant examples and activities to make the learning real. Most importantly, however, we teach people how to actually make money! Working with kids from a young age, we get in early to make financial discipline part of their everyday lives. We also work with people who are well entrenched in their financial situation: either to help them find their way, or keep them on their way.

We have crafted series of financial literacy lessons and activities were Savvy Adults. This hands-on and interactive approach further entrenches the financial lessons you learn through real-life application.

See what our Money Savvy Adults Say.

The Money Savvy Kids course is a very useful one for anyone who wants to learn more about money matters. This course taught me how to spend money wisely, draw up a budget, how to invest, how to save properly and how to create multiple income streams. The lessons are fun and interactive and we have opportunities to dive into complex topics. I really enjoyed this course and I was taught skills that I can use for the rest of my life.

Kulunga Xaba

It’s because of Money Savvy Kids that I am able to make plans to be more financially stable in the future. The lessons are fun and interactive while teaching us important things about how to manage our money. I will use the skills that I learnt here forever and I am glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this life-changing course. In conclusion, taking the Money Savvy Kids course was a great decision and I recommend it to anyone who is considering participating.

Tapiwa Xaba

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to attend the financial literacy course.

The course is a vital life skill, and I enjoyed the simple, informative approach of what can be a complex topic. I admire your passion and approach in teaching this topic and your willingness to always share, support and empower others is always appreciated.

Even as an individual with a financial background I learnt new information.

Samantha Shukla

The personal financial literacy course for adults was a great investment into understanding and planning my personal finances and financial future. While I had a basic understanding of finances and how to save, this course explained everything in step-by-step detail, while making me aware of many things I had not considered such as my mindset to my finances as well as how to work towards my financial goals.
My goal for this course was to learn how to budget efficiently as well as learn how to save and invest in order to reach financial independence. This course far exceeded my expectations in achieving these goals; not only did I gain an understanding of these topics, I also learnt amongst many other things, about concepts such as how to set realistic and clear goals, how to have multiple income streams while minimising my expenses, how to prepare a business budget, and how to invest.
Candice Preston, the course coordinator, was friendly, informative, and detailed in her explanations. She went out of her way to make sure that we understood the course content as well as to help us meet any goals or alleviate any concerns we may have had. I would definitely recommend her as well as the course to anyone who is trying to get a better understanding and a better handle on their personal finances. This is definitely an investment in yourself that I would make again in a heartbeat.

Suhina Sirkisson