Money Savvy Humans

Sarah Brand

KwaZulu Natal

My greatest joy in working with people, is that ‘aha moment’ they have when they see the potential in themselves and hope for the future. Therefore, I do the work I do’ "

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When Sarah came across the opportunity to join the Money Savvy team, she was inspired by the hope these tools and life lessons will give our children and the next generation of adults in South Africa and around the world. Throughout our lives we have been taught to spend and consume, what resonated with her at a deep level was how much time she had wasted living by these misinformed principals.

A mother to four teenagers, Sarah had a hard look at their relationship with money, as well as her own and decided something needed to change within her home. The learnings she has implemented as seen her children start thinking about the future and not just instant gratification through purchasing new skins or clothing. Her own attitude and money mindset has changed and now views life as full of opportunity and means to make money, over a mindset of scarcity.

Sarah is the proud KZN Master Licensee for Money Savvy Humans. She has a business background with expertise in brand and marketing, holding an Honours Degree in Marketing from the International Institute of Marketing Management.

Sarah continues to run three businesses, where she works with entrepreneurs and SMEs across the country in a business coach capacity to help them realise their potential.

Sarah believes that the future of our country is in the hands of its people, that our children need to understand the worth of money, how to make it and how to grow wealth. If we are going to build a better tomorrow.