Everyone’s life is different, but many have still been impacted in similar ways because of the impact of COVID-19. 2020 was a mean teacher but the lessons were clear. In some way or another, you and your family have probably been impacted by a job loss or reduction in income. 2021 is promising a bit of the same and the potential for more job losses, pay cuts and reduction in income is prominent. I join you is shouting “this sucks!”


However, you do not have to let this situation define you. This is an opportunity to learn A LOT and as we know learning life lessons are not always pretty or easy. It is also an opportunity to become money savvy and build a financial life that is more secure for you and your loved ones. One that leaves you breathing a sigh of relief and feeling more secure and certain for the future instead of feeling run down, stressed out or worrisome.

This is not an easy task but definitely one worth undertaking. Experts warn that we will face more disruptions in the future and now it is up to us to build our shelter to withstand any upcoming storms.

No matter where you are in your life right now things can and will change. The great news is that you have a choice. You can choose whether that change will be beneficial or detrimental. To make it beneficial start taking deliberate steps to change your life for the better and what better place to start than with your finances.


2021 is the perfect opportunity for you and your children to become Money Savvy. Learn about how money works, how to grow your income, how to save and invest to get your money working for you and how to feel empowered when it comes to money. Imagine if you were in a position where if you lost your income today you could still live comfortably for the next 6-12 months and knew you had other income streams to supplement any losses? Now that would leave you feeling more certain, less fearful and more hopeful.


We challenge you to come on a journey with us and become money savvy this year. At Money Savvy Kids, Money Savvy Teens and Money Savvy Generation, we are focused on empowering South Africans to get out of poverty and build financial freedom for themselves. This is not some ideal dream but something that is achievable. With the right education and proven steps, you too can build your financial dreams.


What Does It Mean to Be Money Savvy?


Finances are personal and being Money Savvy might look a bit different to you but let’s you give our general view. As a Money Savvy person, you can see money as a resource, or a tool and you are able to use it effectively for achieving what you want. Having a Money Savvy mindset means that you know how to make money and grow it, how to manage it and get it working for you. But most importantly, is that with this mindset you take the best action that gets you the financial results you want. You are growing your income, you are saving and investing, and you can see (and feel) the numbers changing for the better.


Where Do You Start?


Start by learning as much as you can about finances and then, most importantly, act on this knowledge. We all know what we should do, for example, build an emergency fund with 3-6 months’ worth of expense, but how many of us do it? You have to get serious about your finances and buy back your freedom. Taking time today to take control of your finances will empower you and leave you feeling more secure and happy in the future.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can give you peace of mind, freedom to choose and opportunity to create more in your life. What are you waiting for?


Sign up for our #MoneySavvyMindset2021 challenge where each month you will receive information and tools you can use to create the financial future you desire. Whether you have lost your job or are just starting out in the workplace, or you are looking to grow your wealth and retire sooner this challenge will help you. Remember to get the whole family involved and empower your children to become money savvy too. 


Candice Preston